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The perfect time synchronization and monitoring solutions for new construction and renovations.

Primex web-based systems are the ideal facility monitoring solutions for new construction and remodels. Our devices link seamlessly to a central software platform so your customers can automate, monitor and document activities for temperature and humidity control, school bell scheduling and time synchronization. Installation experts will be on-site to map the facility and pinpoint proper sensor placement, taking any guesswork out of setup. Our personalized partnership will help you meet project specs, contain costs and reduce downtime.

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“At least partially as a result of our new digital clocks throughout the building, especially the affectionately named ‘shot clocks’ that count down the final seconds of our passing periods, our overall student tardiness has dramatically declined by 25 percent.”

Nathan Rouse
Principal, Oak Park & River Forest High School

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Specifying Primex products in your next building project? We offer detailed project specifications that can be copied and pasted directly into your documents. For additional assistance, call 855-557-0337.

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To help you stay current with the latest regulatory requirements, we offer a BICSI continuing education program. Each course is approved by the BICSI and provides CE credits to your entire team.

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