New OneVue Water Leak and Contact Closures
New OneVue Water Leak and Contact Closures

Monitoring Systems

Wireless environmental monitoring eliminates manual, error-prone activities to minimize risks

Primex sensors make manual monitoring and data logging a thing of the past. Secure, state-of-the-art sensors continuously monitor conditions, then communicate with our cloud-based OneVue software via your existing IT network to log the data and alert you if conditions warrant attention. Save time, maximize productivity, and create an overall safer environment for everyone within your facility.


“We placed a sensor on our central fill refrigerator and ironically, within a few days, your system notified me that our refrigerator was out of alignment. Thanks to Primex, we caught it, moved the inventory to another unit and serviced the refrigerator. In reviewing the product that was saved by your monitor, the value of that inventory was over $15,000!”

Andrew R. Kurtz
Director of Ambulatory Pharmacy – Denver Health and Hospital Authority

“Your system is easy to use and is really convenient. I can view status on my phone, at the office, at the house or even on vacation. It simplifies my job of documenting our storage temperatures and clean room pressure differential, to stay in compliance which had previously been a very tedious, manual task.”

Randy Caudle
RPH/Owner – Line Avenue Pharmacy/Shreveport Nuclear Pharmacy

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$18,554 in Estimated Annual Labor Savings

Save time, maximize productivity, and create a safer environment for everyone in your facility with a Primex Temperature Monitoring System. To request pricing or speak with a Primex representative, call 262-729-4858.

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* Total Hourly Compensation is based on your Average Hourly Labor Rate plus 22% in fully burdened benefits.

Primex Monitoring Systems

System Features

No New Infrastructure Required

Primex sensors arrive ready to immediately access your existing IT network infrastructure to communicate with the OneVue cloud application. Simply power up and install.

Automated Phone, Email, and Text Notifications

When sensors detect conditions are out of tolerance, your system will automatically call, email or text the key individual you have designated for the specific monitored asset at that time of day.

Customize Thresholds and Alerts

Unique threshold and alerting parameters can be set for each individual device or for groups of devices at one time.

Secure, Wireless Communication

All our sensors use advanced authentication and encryption protocols (including EAP-Fast, EAP-TLS, WEP, WPA and others), to ensure all communications are secure.

Quickly Generate Reports

OneVue automatically captures, stores and backs up monitoring data ─ eliminating lost and incomplete information logs. Data can be exported for compliance reports or regulatory audits with just a few clicks.

Easily Maintain Compliance

Monitoring capabilities and exported documentation meet or exceed the requirements of the TJC, CDC, VFC, FDA, State Boards of Pharmacy and other authorities having jurisdiction.

Meets or Exceeds All Applicable Requirements and Recommendations

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