School Bell Scheduling System

Coordinate bell schedules throughout school districts and across campuses

Managing multiple school bell schedules for different schools on different days doesn't have to be a cumbersome, complex process. Primex bell scheduling software allows you to program and initiate all your bells from a single computer connected to your system. The intuitive interface makes it easy to manage multiple and ad-hoc school bell schedules, eliminating confusion and tardiness and maximizing educational hours.

Primex School Bell Scheduling System

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know this will work with my PA system?

Most PA system manufacturers provide for an auxiliary 2-wire connection to trigger pulse tones as an alternative to direct controls and audio options. Consult your system manufacturer or integrator for more information, or call us at 855-557-0337 with your make and model and we’ll check our PA
system library.

We have two schools that share the same PA system, but have different schedules. Can your bell controller support this?

Yes, each bell controller can support up to two relays to trigger different schedules for different zones. If you need more zones, just add more bell controllers.

Can your system play .wav files for bell rings?

Not at this time. However, we are considering introducing an audio version of the Bell Controller in the future. You can also use our 72mhz wireless tone generator as an alternative for audio specific installations.

Our PA system is in a location where there is no AC power. Do you have a battery option?

Because of the frequent check-ins necessary to keep bell schedules current we do not support a battery option. However, we do have a battery backup option that will function for a few hours provided your PA system has power.

We have different bell schedules depending on the day of the week. Is this supported?

Yes. OneVue Bell Controller zones can support as many default schedules as necessary for different school year date ranges and different days of the week.

I’m paying an outside service company to reprogram my school bells each year. Are there any hidden costs in the OneVue system?

No. OneVue offers an easy monthly or annual subscription option based on the devices you have, with 9x5 support. Once the Bell Controller is connected to your PA system, you can schedule your own bells from your desktop, tablet, or even your mobile phone.

Our entire district uses the same schedules. How does OneVue handle this?

Each school's bell controller can be attached to the same zone in OneVue. A "zone" contains a collection of default and exception schedules. Default schedules identify the typical week-to-week, day-to-day bell rings, while exception schedules are for half days, late-start days, or exam weeks.

Can each school in the district be responsible for its own bell schedules?

OneVue security roles were designed to provide bank-level security, while still being flexible to manage and use. You can easily designate an individual user from each school with a “Scheduler” role, and assign higher level maintenance tasks to administrative users. Each school “Scheduler” will only see the zones they are responsible for, while administrative users may be given wider access.

How can I ensure that my clocks are synchronized with the bell schedules?

The Bell Controller has a built-in clock synchronized with Internet NTP servers that changes automatically for Daylight Savings Time (based on your time zone requirements) just like Primex OneVue Clocks. If your existing clocks are synchronized through a GPS satellite or NTP source, our Bell Controller will be automatically synchronized to your clocks.

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